The Long Term Support Services (LTSS) program is a Medicaid Case Management program funded by DSHS through Aging and Disability Services of King County. 

Medicaid Case Management provides an array of long term services and supports. The primary goal of case management is to enable vulnerable adult to reside in the setting of their choice with services and supports that maximize independence, dignity, and quality of life. 

The program serves Medicaid eligible clients 18 years old and older living in East King County. DSHS determines client eligibility by assessing functional unmet need using a state assessment tool. Functional eligibility is determined based on how much support is needed for performing activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, hygiene, mobility, etc), cognitive impairment, and complex medical/psychosocial needs. Once DSHS determines eligibility, the client is assigned to us to perform the following activities: 

Case Management

  • Assessment and care plan development
  • Implementing and monitoring of care plan
  • Authorizing Medicaid In-home services, including Individual Providers (IPs) 
  • Working with Individual Providers (IP) 
  • Mandatory reporting – both abuse/neglect/exploitation and suicide ideation
  • Planning for service closure and transition to other services 

Nurse consultation

  • Educate clients, providers, and case managers about health-related assessment topics
  • Act on triggered referrals from CARE Tool 

Supportive Functions

  • Client advocacy
  • Referrals to healthcare providers, behavioral health, other social supports
  • Family supports
  • Crisis intervention
  • Access resources (e.g. assistive technology) 

Call our Client Services line at (425) 375 - 2980 or contact us below to learn more about our Long Term Support Services Program.

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