At Lifelong, our prevention team is the leading source of HIV educational outreach to at-risk populations in Western Washington. 

We know the positive impact support and education can have for those affected BY or at-risk of HIV to encourage testing, prevention, treatment and overall well-being. 



Every year, Lifelong distributes thousands of condoms in our community. You can get them in many local bars and other businesses. 

Condom Distribution Locations


“PrEP” stands for PreExposure Prophylaxis. The word “prophylaxis” means to prevent or control the spread of an infection or disease. The goal of PrEP is to prevent HIV infection from taking hold if you are exposed to the virus. This is done by taking a pill that contains 2 HIV medications every day. These are the same medicines used to stop the virus from growing in people who are already infected. Lifelong now provides PrEP Case Management! 

Treatment as Prevention

Treatment as Prevention, (Also known as TasP) refers to effective HIV prevention methods that use antiretroviral treatment (ART) to decrease the risk of the risk of HIV transmission. Antiretro-viral treatment reduces the HIV viral load in the body fluids to very low levels, otherwise known as “Undetectable, reducing the risk of transmitting HIV. 

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