Lifelong has always been an organization that stands up for communities facing discrimination and marginalization.

In the 1980’s, elected officials and other local and national leaders displayed unspeakable cruelty and bigotry when they refused to support the services and research needed to combat the early surge of the HIV epidemic. A handful of volunteers witnessed their friends, partners, and neighbors neglected and left to die.

They were compelled to fight back, and mobilized the community to unite against injustice. They made a lifesaving difference in the lives of thousands through assembly of chore wheels, hospital visitation calendars, and the establishment of new non-profit organizations. They helped create us, Northwest AIDS Foundation, Chicken Soup Brigade and Evergreen Wellness Advocates, which became Lifelong.

What makes our organization unique is not our services, but how we deliver them.

We discovered that for someone to overcome barriers to health, our staff needs to meet them where they are in life. Instead of just checking boxes on an intake form, we truly listen. Case managers identify what basic needs aren’t being met, whether that’s safe housing or reliable transportation to doctor’s appointments, or access to healthy food. Our kitchen cooks nutritious meals that cater to someone’s specific illness, and then hand deliver them to doorstep with a smile.

We understand that successfully battling an illness or recovering from a hospital stay is near impossible when you are medically fragile, low income, and lacking a support system. For 30 years we’ve worked to fill that gap of individualized care so that people can achieve their best health – their best possible life. 


As HIV has evolved so have the needs of people living with the disease, and in turn, our services.


In the state of Washington, the majority of HIV positive people are regularly taking their medication and are virally suppressed. But long term survivors now face many challenges, including exasperated comorbidities and loneliness from having lost so many loved ones early in the AIDS crisis. We are making it a priority to not only continue providing top notch HIV services to the community, but to find innovative ways to meet the emerging needs of people aging with the disease.

We also realized over the years that the unique care we have provided to people living with HIV could be crucial to those battling other serious illnesses and poverty. Lifelong expanded in its areas of core competencies to enhance the quality of life for other communities disproportionately affected with health risks and challenges. We now provide a wide array of services to people living with a broad spectrum of illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, cancers, multiple sclerosis, and conditions of aging affecting health and independence.

Mission Statement

Lifelong is a community health organization committed to empowering people living with or at risk of HIV and/or other chronic conditions to lead healthier lives.

Lifelong Leadership Team


Barbara Ebert

Executive Director 


Mark Baker

Deputy Executive Director


Scott Bertani

Director of Policy


Sage Fitzpatrick

Director of Development


Board of Directors

Meet some of the exceptional individuals whose tremendous contributions keep our work moving forward. 



Bela Biro - President

Swedish Health Services



Michaela M. Crouch - Treasurer

Microsoft Corporation

Joe Loeffler - Secretary

Nyhus Communications


Board of Directors


Jared Gardner

Access Living, Inc. 

Colette Penketh Deanna

DiBene Millinery 

Kristin E. Savage

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Anastasia Petrie

Amazon, Inc.


Andrew Garcia Murphy

Hillis, Clark, Martin & Peterson

Cathy Capers

Horizon House

Dr. Michael Myint

Swedish Health Services