I sent in a Volunteer Application…now what?

We are so excited to have you join the Lifelong volunteer family! After you submit your application, you should receive an auto-email confirming your application was received for review and someone from the Volunteer Department will be in contact with you for a phone interview to discuss your interest further.

What happens on my first day of volunteering at Lifelong?

Please go to the address listed on your confirmation email. When you enter the doors, ask for the Program Volunteer Lead that was on the confirmation email. The Program Volunteer Lead will show you where to sign in/ out, give you a tour, and give you a brief training before you start your first shift.

Where can I park when I drive to Lifelong’s buildings?

With the exception of our Food Production Center, Lifelong has a limited amount of space available for volunteer and visitor parking. We encourage our volunteers to use other modes of transportation when available. Lifelong cannot be held responsible for tickets or towing fees which may occur due to improper parking.

What do I do if Lifelong is closed and I am scheduled to volunteer?

If Lifelong is closed or will be opening late due to bad weather, the main outgoing message for Lifelong (206-957-1600) will be changed by 7:00a.m. The message will notify both staff and the community of the closure or delayed opening.  Lifelong does close on major holidays. Please check with your Program Volunteer Lead about holiday schedules. You will also receive an email from the Volunteer Department regarding holiday closings.

Do I get compensated or reimbursed for my volunteering?

Individuals accepting any position as volunteers will not be compensated for their work.  In addition, volunteers will not receive reimbursement for mileage, parking, supplies or anything purchased without prior authorization of the Program Volunteer Lead and/or the Volunteer Department.  Lifelong cannot not pay any fines, tickets, towing or any other bills received while doing volunteer work.

Help! There’s an emergency? How do I get out of a Lifelong building?

In case of an emergency evacuation, please follow your Program Volunteer Lead. Exit routes are posted throughout Lifelong’s buildings. If the emergency calls to exit the building, proceed in an orderly fashion to a meeting point with your Program Volunteer Lead.

What should I wear when volunteering at Lifelong?

In general, Lifelong endorses a business casual model of dressing. Employee and volunteer dress and grooming are encouraged to be relaxed, yet neat and clean. Lifelong is not responsible for providing appropriate clothing or shoes, both of which must be worn at all times anywhere within the agency. 

Some programs have specific dress requirements. For instance:

  • For health and safety reasons, if volunteering in the kitchen, warehouse, or thrift store,  volunteers should wear closed-toe shoes (no heels), shirts with sleeves (no tube tops, tank tops, strapless shirts/dresses, etc), fingertip length shorts/skirts, and prepare for varying temperature climates during the year. Large or dangling jewelry must be removed and hair should be pulled back and away from the face. The kitchen provides aprons and hair/head covering.
  • Staff and volunteers working with clients outside of the agency will NOT wear Lifelong clothing or identifying items such as hats, t-shirts, jackets or any other clothing which mentions Lifelong, Chicken Soup Brigade, Northwest AIDS Foundation, Seattle AIDS Walk or HIV and/or AIDS. 
  • Special events volunteers will be notified about dress requirements prior to the event. 

Can I bring my cat Mittens or my dog Latte to volunteer with me?

Pets are prohibited on-site at Lifelong.  Service animals are the only animals allowed on the Lifelong premises.  Service animals are animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities such as guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling wheelchairs, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, or performing other special tasks.  Service animals are working animals, not pets.  Service animals must be kept at arm’s length and under control at all times or they will no longer be considered service animals and will not be permitted at Lifelong.  Staff and volunteers are not allowed to bring pets to our off site volunteer opportunities such as special events and fundraisers.

Uh-oh… there’s a problem

When working with so many moving parts and people, something may not go according to plan. Stay calm and alert the Program Volunteer Lead immediately. They will create an Incident Report and send it to the Volunteer Department, who will then follow up with you to make sure everything’s okay. Still don’t feel right about the situation once everything settled down? Reach out to the Volunteer Department and let us know what happened. Our number is 206-957-1607.

I’m sick, should I still volunteer?

Because we serve clients with compromised immune systems and chronic conditions, we ask that volunteers do not report for their shift if they are sick. Please call your program supervisor to let them know you will not be able attend your shift. If they do not answer, please leave a message.

Volunteers working in programs with client contact are provided with training in infection control guidelines and procedures and other appropriate training as determined by the various programs.  For the safety and health of all of our volunteers, staff and clients, Lifelong encourages all volunteers to get an annual flu vaccination and TB test. 

Do you keep a record of my volunteer hours?

Volunteers are required to record all of their volunteer hours with Lifelong to allow us to best understand the impact of everyone’s efforts for the outcome of Lifelong programs.  All off-site volunteer hours must also be recorded via checking in with their Program Volunteer Lead, who will report hours to the Volunteer Department.

  • All volunteer sites have an iPad with VicTouch, allowing you to sign in and out when you volunteer.

Can I promote Lifelong to my friends on Social Media?

Lifelong is all about sharing – meals, smiles, and what's going on. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

We encourage you to post, tweet, share, and hashtag your experience volunteering at Lifelong!  Check in on Facebook when you start a shift (Chicken Soup Brigade, the location is Lifelong’s Meal Production Center); post a picture of you volunteering and tag Lifelong.


For those of you who may interact directly with clients, whether by delivering food & meals or working at the Pick-Up Center, you can never include clients in the photo. Make sure they are not in the background. Only photos of you, Lifelong staff, and your volunteer colleagues (providing they are OK with that!) are allowed.