35 years of fighting for health equity, and we’re not done yet.

Because of our history caring for people who are vulnerable and disenfranchised, we are uniquely positioned to see where people fall through the cracks in the healthcare system. With a strong infrastructure already in place, Lifelong will continue to provide high-quality care to people living with HIV and expand on this history by being an advocate for people living with other serious illnesses. Our friends and neighbors fighting for their health are still being left behind. With a community of supportive staff, donors, and volunteers, we will ensure everyone has the access to care they deserve.

Read our Impact Report to see how Lifelong is improving the lives of thousands of clients living with HIV and other serious illnesses while working to prevent new HIV transmissions and reduce stigma in our community.

An overview of our results:

  • 198,043 nutritious, medically and culturally-specific meals made from scratch

  • More than 4,000 people received supportive services

  • 617 HIV tests administered

  • And so much more

For our recent financial reports, click here. A complete list of our 2018 donors can be found here.