As HIV has evolved so have the needs of people living with the disease, and in turn, our services.


In the state of Washington, the majority of HIV positive people are regularly taking their medication and are virally suppressed. But long term survivors now face many challenges, including exasperated comorbidities and loneliness from having lost so many loved ones early in the AIDS crisis. We are making it a priority to not only continue providing top notch HIV services to the community, but to find innovative ways to meet the emerging needs of people aging with the disease.

We also realized over the years that the unique care we have provided to people living with HIV could be crucial to those battling other serious illnesses and poverty. Lifelong expanded in its areas of core competencies to enhance the quality of life for other communities disproportionately affected with health risks and challenges. We now provide a wide array of services to people living with a broad spectrum of illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, cancers, multiple sclerosis, and conditions of aging affecting health and independence.