Health Education Youth Outreach (HEYO) was created to help youth ages 16 – 24, fight stigma around LGBTQ+ identities and living with HIV.

HEYO prides itself on being a safe space for youth to feel affirmed in their identities and receive sex positive education. HEYO has 4 main values it embodies:

  1. Sexual Empowerment – We believe young people have valid sexual and gender identities and they deserve to be treated as such. LGBTQ+ youth have the knowledge and skills to make decisions that impact their sexual health in a positive ways. HEYO supports and educates youth to help them better their relationships.

  2. Community Building – HEYO believes all people have the right to be and express themselves. We encourage youth to live their own lives without fear and work towards building a community of acceptance within HEYO. Our goal is to deepen our connections towards one another and to fight societal stigma.

  3. Social Justice – HEYO believes all individuals have worth and dignity. We encourage and work towards building a more just society for ALL people. We empower our youth to live fearlessly, open and honestly.

  4. Leadership Development– HEYO believes all individuals have the ability to affect change and improve their community. We offer opportunities to cultivate leaders who are passionate about change and put their plans in action.

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If you would like to get in contact with the HEYO Coordinator you can email us using the form below or call 206-957-1639.