Welcome Home Program

The Welcome Home Program was created to help people being discharged from the hospital who are coming home to an empty refrigerator, and can't stay on their feet long enough to cook a nourishing meal. We provide individuals who are low income and live alone with a care package of nutritious, tasty meals within 24 hours of their release from the hospital.

After their food delivery a Chicken Soup Brigade staff member will contact them by telephone or in person with encouraging words, a check-in on any areas of concern, and referrals to additional services that can help aid in their rehabilitation. Our goal in doing this is to prevent future admission to hospital and assisted living facilities so that healing and health can occur at home.

Currently our funding allows us to provide Welcome Home meals to people living in South King County. 

What are the benefits I'll receive?

  • Home Delivery of 10 Medically Specific Meals: Wholesome, homemade meals are prepared in our own kitchen, and frozen for convenient reheating at a later time. Most meals meet the nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association. Specialized meals meeting diets such as vegetarian, no gluten/no dairy or easy digestion are available. Any of our menu options can be made suitable for people with chewing and swallowing difficulties.
  • Wellness Checks and Social Support: Every few days, for a month, a Lifelong staff member will call to say hello and check on you. They may ask if you are in any discomfort or if you’ve run into any problems with taking your meds or following your doctor’s discharge plan and offer to help you find the help you need to feel better. They are also a great resource for referrals to meet all of your basic needs as you get back on your feet.
  • Nutrition and Wellness Education: Dietary Counseling, called "Medical Nutritional Therapy," includes a thorough assessment of each client’s nutritional health and individual dietary needs by a registered dietitian. Together, the dietitian and client determine which diet changes work into the client’s current lifestyle, including social and financial limitations.

You can apply by calling (206) 957-1686 to contact our Care Advocates or submit an inquiry below.

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